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 Bearded Iris Abstract in Autumn Colors

Questions and Answers

Can I just come in any time or do I need to wait for a class cycle to begin? 
You can come in any time (no starting date is necessary) but I would like to know. Sometimes I have too many students to fit you in. Currently, I have seats available.

What materials would  I need to bring?
If you have supplies, bring them. I will look them over to see what will work.
Or,  you can use my rental kit for $5 during class. It includes the paper, paint and equipement. That $5 is good until you finish the 12 x 9 inch painting. Students usually take 3 to 5 classes to finish a painting that size. This is a good deal because it gives you time to see if you want to paint with watercolor AND if you do, gives you time to purchase  supplies.

Do I need to provide my own subject or is there something everyone is working on?   Would I need to have it sketched out on watercolor paper?

I have projects that you can purchase for $16 that include the outline (so you do not have to draw), directions and photos of the subject during specific stages. The best part about the projects is that you can follow them while I am with other students AND you can take them home with you, so you can work on your painting outside of class. You can also buy projects from my website for $16. (See Projects you can paint)

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Students Work

Linda D. painted the Saguaro Cactus   Nancy S. painted the Stallion on the Run      


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"Setting Up a Usable Workstation"
     "Setting Up a Usable Palette"

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